Supplied Garments

Saltwater Threads does accept supplied garments, however please see our requirements and terms stated below.


Garments and accessories are manufactured in a variety of ways, locations, materials and finishes. Selecting garments that are durable, manufactured with care and offer a suitable decoration surface can be a difficult process. We work with a range of suppliers that offer quality garments and apparel in multiple price ranges to assist in making this process easier and to ensure your garments are produced to your satisfaction.


However, if you do wish to supply your own garments please ensure:

  1. They are of moderate to premium quality fabric
  2. Pre-shrunken if possible (this helps ensure garments don’t shrink and effect that garment decoration after wash)
  3. New and are have not been laundered (Garments that have been laundered have the potential to not be suitable for garment decoration due to dirt and grease that can occur during wash and wear, as well as the chemicals and perfume agents in washing power and detergents can effect decoration adhesion and durability)
  4. Free from dirt, makeup and other stains.


Please review the below terms relating to supplying and using your own garments:

  1. All delivery costs associated with getting your garments or accessories to Saltwater Threads is your own responsibility.
  2. Saltwater Threads takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods when in the property of 3rd party suppliers. i.e couriers
  3. Saltwater Threads will take every precaution and care when handling garments but will take no responsibility for faulty, soiled or unsuitable garments.
  4. Garments deemed unsuitable will be returned to ‘you’ the customer at your own cost.
  5. In the event of production errors created by Saltwater Threads. ‘You’ the customer will be compensated by Saltwater Threads at market value cost. Legitimate proof of purchase for the garments must be supplied to Saltwater Threads. You will be compensated for the cost of the garment only and no other associated costs i.e international shipping, custom fees, handling charges etc.
  6. Any errors that occur in production that are a result of design error after order approval will not be compensated by Saltwater Threads. Under our Ordering terms the 100% order costs will charged to ‘you’ the customer.


Please contact our team today to discuss using your own supplied garments.