Heat Vinyl Transfers

Saltwater Threads offers a Heat Transfer Vinyl service on a range of garments & products from our local Sunshine Coast print studio Australia wide.

Heat Vinyl Transfer is a process of taking your design or custom design from our in-house design team and heat applying it directly to your chosen garments with a computer cut vinyl material. This method of garment decoration allows for a cost effective solution for those in the market for a limited run. Our specialty vinyl is available in a wide range of colours, allowing for multi-coloured designs, as well as superior durability with stretch properties. These vinyls are suited for applying to a large range of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, nylon, mixes and more. Select from our suppliers to find the perfect solution or contact us today and we’ll help you find the right fit.

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Want it cheaper? Well the more you order the more we can work to reduce your apparel and production costs. Contact our team today to discuss your bulk order

Looking to keep the cost of your project down? Have you considered getting your design in just a single colour? Where this helps is in the setup cost of your project, as each colour in your design requires a separate vinyls to be cut and prepared. Single colour designs can be as or more effective then multi-coloured designs, however it comes down to the design and garment choice, contact our team to discuss single colour vinyl transfers.

Heat Vinyl Transfers are a very versatile decoration process allowing us to apply your design across a range of apparel, accessory and fabric types. Not sure if heat vinyl transfers on your desired garment is possible? Ask us

Get a vision but lacking the designer skill set? We offer custom designing from our in-house design team who can create anything from simple to detailed designs as well as realistic mock ups, proposals and presentations.


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Uniforms, Everyday Wear, Businesses, Professionals, Networking


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Gym Wear, Exercise, Personal Training, Promotion


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