Heat Transfer Vinyl Process

Want to know exactly what goes into creating your Heat Vinyl Transferred garments and accessories?
Let’s take a look…


First up. Your Garment.

Deciding on the type of garment or accessory the design will be pressed onto. Knowing what garment allows us to determine the suitability for this process, as well as ensuring the correct vinyl is chosen for a superior finish.

Moving on…design time!

Considering your garment type, next comes creating and laying out the design to be applied to the garment. The design process is essential as it denotes the number of colours in the design, which in turn determines the number of vinyl colours required to cut for the design. The design process also allows you to see a mock up of the final product so you can see what it will look like prior to production.

Our team will not begin production until a signed design approval is completed for your project. If you need assistance in getting the right design for your garment type, talk to our team.


Setting up design for cutting.

Designs are setup for a vinyl cutter to accurately cut the design out of specialised vinyl. Designs are created in a vector format meaning, they can be scaled up and down without any loss in quality. Each colour is separated and setup in as a separate cut.


Cutting the vinyl.

Depending on the number of colours in a design, the appropriate colour vinyl roll is loaded into the cutter and the design is sent to cut. A small blade scores and cuts the vinyl material. The excess vinyl not required in the design is ‘weeded’ out of the vinyl, revealing only the design on a special clear backing film.


Pressing the vinyl.

Garments are loaded on a heat press design for the chosen garment. Garments are pre-heated removing any moisture from the garment and leaving a flat surface. Vinyl is then positioned onto the garment and pressed for a specific time limit. The clear backing film is then removed revealing the design. This process is repeated for each colour of a design.


The End.

Once garments have been completed they are checked for quality and packaged for dispatch.