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Step One: Printed or Stitched

Choosing the right production method for you vision will ensure we can produce the best possible apparel that not only looks great but functions well. Unsure where to start? Consider the use of your apparel;

Is it to promote your brand? Does it need to flex or stretch? Do you have a complex design? If so then perhaps a screenprinted garment is more suited to you.

Looking for something to wear on the daily? Does it need to have a corporate look? Is your design simplistic or straight text? If so then perhaps an embroidered garment is more your style.

Not sure? Talk with our creative team today to discuss your options

Step Two: Quantity

Next up is deciding on how many pieces of apparel you’ll require for your project. We can accommodate you, our team is happy to work with you no matter if it’s from small to large productions runs.

Looking for 1 – 10 pieces?

We believe every project is unique and we know not all everyone requires a large amount of garments to be produced, so we’ve got a solution for those looking for a more affordable short run option.

What’s the issue with doing small runs?

Typically, printers source apparel from suppliers that have specific minimums on garments to make them affordable to the end users. Learn more about Apparel purchasing price breaks

How is Saltwater Threads different?

We offer a selected range of garments that we have on hand specifically for small orders, ensuring we can offer a reasonably priced end product. View our selected Small Order Range

Want something different to our selected range?

Our team can arrange for any apparel from our suppliers in the quantity that you require, however as it isn’t in our selected range the inflated small order costs will be included. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Step Three: Choosing your Apparel

Depending on the quantity of pieces you require for your project you have wide selection of apparel choices from our leading suppliers. We cater for all apparel types from low cost tshirts, to premium tshirts, polos, corporate wear, outer wear, active wear, accessories and more.

Check out our Ranges of apparel

Check out our selected Small Order Range of apparel

Step Four: Design & Artwork

Got your design ready to go? Awesome! We require your artwork to be supplied in a vector format either Ai or EPS.

Got an idea but lack the designer abilities? We’ve got you covered, speak to our in-house graphic design team today about developing your vision.

Got no idea? It happens, we get it – our design team will help you out here as well. Contact us today to get started

Step Five: Ordering

Think you’ve got it all together, or at least armed with questions for our team to help you through the processes, simply contact us either on 1300 06 29 79, or email or via our contact page – either way get in touch!

Once your order has been confirmed by our team, artwork has been locked in, we begin the production process after receiving a 50% deposit, with the remainder to be settled before dispatching.

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