Embroidery Process

Want to know exactly what goes into creating your Embroidered garments and accessories?

Here we go…

First up. Your Garment.

Deciding on the type of garment or accessory the design will be embroidered onto. Knowing what garment allows us to ensure the correct threads are used for a superior finish.


Moving on…design time!

Considering your garment type, next comes creating and laying out the design to be applied to the garment. The design process is essential as it denotes the number of colours in the design, which in turn determines the number of threads colours required to embroider the design. The design process also allows you to see a mock up of the final product so you can see what it will look like prior to production.

Our team will not begin production until a signed design approval is completed for your project. If you need assistance in getting the right design for your garment type, talk to our team.


Digitising your design.

Once the design is settled, now comes the start of production. Your design is digitised in a software program which creates a file for the embroidery machine. The digitised file denotes the number of stitches required to complete the design.


Fun Fact: The more complex a design is the more it will cost and time it will take to digitise. Looking for a cost effective embroidered garment? Then consider the complexity of your design – talk to our team today to get sorted.


Beginning the Embroidery

The embroidery machine is setup with the design and correct thread colours to match your design. The embroidered area of the garment is then placed in a ‘hoop’ which tensions and clamps the garment. A piece of backing material is added to the underside of your garment which used to stabilise the fabric. Hoops are then loaded onto the machine, which will then stitch your design as per the digitised file which by the end will create your design.


The End.

Once garments have been completed they are checked for quality and packaged for dispatch.