Apparel Price Breaks

Want the best price for your project?

Well here is a guide into the apparel world and how price breaks work for us when purchasing your garments from suppliers.

Each supplier is different however they operate on the same principal when offering discounts on their garments. Ever noticed how when you order a low or small order of garments the price it up there, right next ridiculous. Well this is due to supplier price breaks for order multiples of a garment.


For example;

You order 10 it’s $10.00ea

You order 50 it’s $8.00ea

You order 100 it’s $6.00ea

And so on. Our savings that we can pass onto you for multiple garments is governed by our suppliers.


So, what if you want a small order that’s affordable?

Well that’s where your good mates at Saltwater Threads have your back…yes you’re welcome.

We have a range on hand or near by of quality garment choices for all small order up to 20 garments. Check out the range and contact our team today about getting started.