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By using our site (www.saltwaterthreads.com.au) you are entering an agreement between yourself and our business ‘Saltwater Threads’. By engaging with this site here after reading this User Agreement and the terms stated in our Terms & Conditions you hereby accept the terms of the agreement and all it entails.

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Saltwater Threads offers a range of services and products.

  • Garment Screen Printing
  • Garment Embroidery
  • Garment Heat Vinyl Transfers
  • Garment Custom Design
  • Pre-Designed Apparel & Accessories

All purchases including request for services that have been approved by you the customer are subject to our Terms & Conditions. ‘You’ as the customer are liable to the payment of any and all costs associated with your approved order/purchase no matter the status of its production.

Refunds & Returns

Saltwater Threads offers returns or refunds if:

  • Items that are faulty from manufacture – this does not include wear and tear by use of product.
  • Items have a mis-print or faulty print – this does not include mistakes in design (i.e spelling, grammer, design, size etc after order approval) and refers only to the print method.
  • Items are returned with 14 days of receipt/invoice of purchase.

Saltwater Threads will not offer returns or refunds for:

  • Change of mind
  • Spoiled or damaged products from use and/or misuse
  • Cancellation of order after ‘Order Approval’ stage.
  • Errors in design after the approval stage of the production process
  • Shipping Delays or Errors
  • The customer ‘you’ selecting incorrect sizes at the time of ordering

Delivery & Shipping

Saltwater Threads endeavours to guarantee all timeframes for orders. All delivery and shipping services is handled by 3rd party companies, therefore we can take responsibility for errors or delays caused by these companies. We will however endeavour to address any and all issues involving these companies on your behalf if necessary. Any further costs incurred once goods have left our premises will not be the responsibility of Saltwater Threads and must be negotiated by yourself with the 3rd party company.


Saltwater Threads offers a range of payment options including bank transfers, credit cards and cash (special arrangements only).

When purchasing from Saltwater Threads:

  • For Screen Printing, Embroidery, Vinyl Transfer or other garment decoration processes:
    • All orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon placing an order and before any garment purchasing or garment decoration will commence. *Note: Bank Transfers can take 1+ days to clear depending on banks and times when transfers are made. This can delay your production process, to expedite the process please supply a payment notice with your order confirmation.
    • The remainder of payment is due prior to dispatch or pick up of goods. Items will not be sent until payment has cleared.
    • If for any reason an order is cancelled at any time after the approval stage of an order, ‘you’ the customer are liable to pay 100% of the agreed order total.
  • For products from our online E-Commerce store:
    • All purchases are to paid in full (100%) before orders will be processed and dispatched.


Social Media

Saltwater Threads uses various social media platforms. We reserve the right to post/share images of goods produced within out facility. For any orders that are sensitive, it should be made clear at the time of ordering to our team to not divulge the contents/design of your order to the public through our social media channels.

We may request use of photos or videos taken not by us. Upon receiving approval from the content owner, Saltwater Threads reserve the right to post/share this content across our social media channels. Saltwater Threads is not liable to validating the identity or legitimacy of the owner of any photos or videos.

Saltwater Threads reserves the right to post/share any images that are directly sent to us from ‘you’ the customer or ‘you’ the customer as a social media user has made attempts to connect with our brand directly by tagging or hash-tagging the Saltwater Threads brand.

For any queries about current posts or for more information contact our team.

Terms & Conditions

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For any queries or for more information contact our team.